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watches the wendy show in los angeles, california. he writes how you doin', wendy. i went to oprah's charity yard sale, the one that was two days ago? wow. oprah auctioned off items for about an hour. but i couldn't afford any of them. but as i headed back to my car after the auction, i got something money can't buy, a photo with oprah. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. she was so friendly and happy to take this self-ie with a fan. it was the be yard sale ever. yeah! oprah's yard sale, by the way, raised over $600,000 for her girls leadership academy in south africa. good deal. [ applause ] lucky you, tucker. anyway the next one comes from carlos who watches the show in los angeles. i recently took my wife salsa dancing. as i twirld her around, i noticed -- i noticed who was dancing next to us and got distracted and i trip on my own foot and almost fell on my wife. it was leah remini. what a cute picture. we told her we were huge fans and she gave me a big hug and posed for the picture. leah is the only woman my wife would let me get so close to besides you, wendy. how you doin'? our next
and driving around in the whitest neighborhood in los angeles? i call bs on all of it. and you know i lo the white suburban kid who thinks he's black and, yo, what's up? yo. and bieber is canadian which is worse. it's worse. i love when he grabs his -- you know, i think the whole thing is funny to me. it has the can k-fed sideways cap. remember when he thought he was black? bieber is the new k-fed. i am never at a loss for words. >> wendy: this is why we love kathy here. tell me, so you and your boyfriend, 18 years younger than you. >> yes, i know. fatty. i'm wavy, wavy. >> wendy: are you living together? >> no, he still has his own place. he stays at my house primarily. i like that he has his own place. that's good. >> wendy: over two years? >> two years. >> wendy: marriage? >> i don't think so. i think it's different because i -- i think when you don't want to have kids it's different. for me i don't see the point of getting married. i was married. i was divorced. >> wendy: we remember. >> we all -- can we collectively, mm-hmm. yeah, i remember, too, every day i remember. anyway, i'm s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2